Images: Phase 1 of the Moynihan Station project nears completion in the historic James A. Farley Post Office


Moynihan Station is to occupy the current Farley Post Office on 34th Street to help alleviate pedestrian congestion for the Amtrak, New Jersey Transit & Long Island Railroad in Penn Station, across the street.  While the plan was conceived 25 years ago, ground was broken on the project in 2010 and Phase 1 is expected to be completed this year, in 2016.


Skanska, one of the worlds leading civil construction groups, hired Michael Benabib, industrial photographer, to make images of both employees and of the construction project . After donning hard hats and reflective vests, we entered the construction site – to document the progress on phase 1, which involves installing an emergency ventilation system and new entrances to the building, as well as photograph the empty spaces where phase 2 will begin.

Michael Benabib, Industrial Photographer, photographing Phase 1 of the Moynihan Station project for Skanska. Image by Moth Dust //

Michael Benabib, Industrial Photographer, photographing Phase 1 of the Moynihan Station project for Skanska. Image by Moth Dust //

The James A. Farley Post Office Building was designated a New York City Landmark in 1966, so extra care on this project is made to keep the external façade of the building intact. 


On Location Portrait Photographer - Headshots for Data Driven Storytellers


Kelton Global is a research consultancy firm with offices in Silicon Alley, New York City. While having both qualitative and quantitative data analysts on their team, their ultimate goal is to provide data analysis that is readable and easy to interpret by the client. Clients of theirs have included Bloomingdales, Viacom & Target. 

This form of data journalism is growing more and more popular in the digital era. Kelton Global's branding is approachable and demonstrates out of the box thinking. As a result, they required corporate headshots that had visual variety and were a little more creative than the average studio shoot. On location portrait photography was the decided route of action; studio portraiture just wouldn't do. Executive Photos NYC Photographer Michael Benabib went on a walk in downtown chelsea with each new employee and photographed them in a variety of unique locations, conveying a unique part of their personalities. 

Luckily, Executive Photos was lucky to have a client that understood and appreciated the value of quality images. As written on the Kelton Global blog, Sarah Stone writes, “If imaginative empathy is fueled by great photography, then we can build the empathy habit by looking at powerful images every day. By pausing briefly to consider the feelings, lives and experiences of people we view only from a distance, we practice imaginative empathy, broaden our range of understanding, and become better 21st century marketers.”

All images from our day with Kelton Global will be used on their website. Click here to read more about personal branding and photography for websites as an important marketing tool.